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The City and County of Honolulu prepares and updates 8 Development Plans (DPs) and Sustainable Communities plans (SCPs) for the island of Oahu.  Each of these plans corresponds to one geographic area and serves as a guide for projected growth and future development.  The DPs/SCPs are required by City Charter and are adopted by City Council Ordinance.

The purpose of the Development Plans is to implement the comprehensive vision of the General Plan through policies and guidelines that reflect the unique conditions, geography and concerns of each region.  The DPs and SCPs are updated through a public process that informs zoning, infrastructure investments, and other City codes and standards.

For more information please see the Development Plans and Sustainable Communities Plans page on the DPP website.


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Estimated Project Timeline

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View an informative fact sheet that summarizes

the project's objectives, timeline, and main topics.

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